Sirius Chorus Pedal

The SIRIUS Chorus was developed as an answer to our customers desires for an organic, deep, shinning that you could adjust from subtle to very pronounced chorus effect and even some Leslie sounds as well.

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 It was a challenge to develop it to sound good for rhythm or solo, with or without drive, vintage or modern, making it possible to play songs from Rush, Police, Whitesnake to Zakk Wilde.

After some prototypes we heard from some musicians that this chorus made the instrument tone more enhanced, shinning and beautiful, so we had the idea to call it ‘SIRIUS’ the brightest star (in fact, a star system) in the Earth’s night sky, and we implemented LEDs on the potentiometer controls with special knobs that shine the universe on the pedal’s art work paint. It’s great to see/hear our passion and knowledge shinning on your hands and feet.

Sirius Chorus: “The universe is the stage”.

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