Ultimate Distortion Pedal

Strong and versatile distortion with controls to adjust different shades and tones, retaining dynamics and clarity that improves your performance with detail and definition for real HEAVY tones.

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The Ultimate Distortion is the perfect tool for your heavy tones quest. It allows so many tone adjustments, heavy mids, scooped mids, bright, dark, too much gain or sweet softer tones.

“Ultimate Distortion is simply the best sounding high gain pedal I’ve ever used… From small amps and stages to bigger rigs in stages like Rock in Rio, to studio work, I feel like it’s now an extremely important part of my tone, whether I’m using low tune or not. And I can give you a quick tip: I use it as a pre-amp straight in the power amp. Sounds brutal!” ANTONIO ARAÚJO (KORZUS)


• VOLUME: Output volume
• GAIN: Adjust from soft to hard, heavy amounts of gain
• SHAPE: Adjust mid frequencies, from scooped to boosted mids
• TONE: Adjust the high/low frequencies balances

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