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Power Booster Pedal

Power Booster Pedal

The Power Booster was intended to be either a clean or dirty booster, selectable through the “Dirty/Clean” switch, but it also has a two-band EQ (Treble and Bass) to allow adjustments of the frequencies emphasis that the boost will occur to make it cut through the mix.

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You’ll be surprised by the many possibilities to enhance your tone, making it a must have tool.

Boost a solo, refine some amplifier’s tone, boost an amplifier/pedal to distort, add Bass and (or) Treble for a bigger tone.


• BOOST: Adjustable booster (up to almost 30dB)
• TREBLE: Adjust treble frequencies boost/cut
• BASS: Adjust bass frequencies boost/cut
• DIRTY/CLEAN Switch: Alternates between “clean / dirty” modes of boost.

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